Simply Put Plus, and how we came to be...


My name is Laural. I am owner/designer of Simply Put pattern company. I have made Southern California my home for nearly 35 years. I am mom of two, nearly grown children who inspire me to reach for the moon and bring back a pay check. Much of my talent to paint, draw, sew and create was inherited from two remarkable women, Granny Nelda and Grandma Ethel. They taught me to love what I make, get excited about the process and share my knowledge of the craft. I can not remember a time that the shear act of creating did not bring joy and satisfaction into my life.   

I began publishing the Simply Put pattern line in the year 2000. The origins for my company were simple, I could no longer keep up with the production demands of my finished goods so...I turned my top sellers into patterns and let the customers stitch their own pillows. I’ve worked part time in a local craft mall and quilt shop both of which have successfully carried my patterns and supported me as a local designer. After losing my husband to brain cancer in the spring of 2010, I decided it was time to look beyond my local shops and reach for that moon. 

Thank you for stopping by and sharing a moment with me today.